Leap (Dirty Fag)
Basic info
Name Leap (Dirty Fag)
Gender Male
Species Frog
Color Green
Status alive
First appearance The Letter factory
Year(S) 2001-present
Quote N/A

Leap is the mascot of LeapFrog Enterprises.                                                                                        


Leap is an 11 year old frog who wears a red T-shirt and blue jeans, the faggiest of clothing.

Fun factsEdit

Leap is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Frog. He is Tad and Lilly's older brother.

The entirety of his family are faggots. 

He was born September 6, 1991  


Tell us what you think of Leap!

I think he's a faggot!

Leap: “I am so mad at you right now! MY ENTIRETY OF MY FAMILY ARE NOT FAGGOTS! So you mean that my younger brother and sister are faggots too? WELL YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH FOREVER!!!”

Tad: “Thank you. I did not know I could have such a kind older brother like you!”

Do you think Leap,

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The Letter factory

Talking words factory

Word caper

Math circus

The talking storybook factory

Let’s go to school!

A Tad of Christmas cheer

Letter machine rescue team

A Faggot's Christmas




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